Establishing a Resource Hub for the Evangelical Community
Since its conception in 1942, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has been uniting and mobilizing evangelicals to be an Influence for Good. The NAE represents 40 denominations and thousands of churches, schools and nonprofit organizations. Their areas of impact include: equipping leaders, strengthening churches and denominations, resourcing and educating evangelicals, transforming social and political engagement, and uniting for global impact. Serving as a primary resource for evangelicals, the National Association of Evangelicals needed a website redesign that maximized their mission. 
While it was brimming with influential content for the evangelical world, its static design did not position the brand as a resource hub. The clunky resource navigation needed to be both engaging and intuitive to ensure a positive user experience. From articles and publications to podcasts and videos, organizing all of their resources would play a critical role in the new site. Matching an intuitive user experience with the NAE’s 50+ resource topics guided the strategy in this project.
The National Association of Evangelicals

Scope of Work
Website Design

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Building a frictionless user experience
The NAE’s membership offerings demanded a streamlined onboarding process for its new members. In response, a single membership form was crafted, leveraging conditional logic that allowed the users to intuitively generate prompts. This frictionless user experience was not only for the member, but also for those who would eventually manage the backend of the site. It was important to have integrations that cooperated with the NAE’s CRM system as well as their API integrations.
An intentional messaging framework
What makes a user want to stay on a site more than it if it’s made for them? Pathways to engaging in membership were elevated, providing clarity on how they could get involved. With clear call-to-actions, the site’s design encouraged new memberships as well as renewals. It was critical for the approach to be centered on the NAE's target personas; Persona Workshops were conducted, with the goals of learning and gaining empathy for key users.
A compelling homepage
Due to the many audiences who would engage with the site, the homepage was an opportunity to speak to all audience types. A robust homepage was designed to give the user everything they needed to know about the NAE. Serving as their first impression, the homepage was critical in appealing to a diverse audience.
Further, organizing the NAE's resources for the optimal user experience led the charge in my design efforts and was the foundation of a clarified content strategy. 
The impact
Since, launching, the new website has seen an improvement in key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics not only communicate a positive user experience but show the increased visibility of life-changing topics. The NAE is now positioned as the resource hub that it has always been, at its core, for evangelicals all around the world.
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